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The natural balance of our physical, mental and emotional bodies is daily threatened by factors such as stress, our work, personal relationships, social situations, competitiveness, and over-exposure to noise and contamination.

The artificial options that are available to compensate for these imbalances have damaging side effects and there are more natural means of recovering this harmony without risking your health.

LEH perfumes come with the curative properties from minerals and floral essences that help you recover your inner peace. They calm your being by compensating your body’s balance of energy as they act on our chakras, or regulating centers for energy, and thus return you to your original state of well-being, with yourself, your environment and in an agreeable and effective way.


Bach flowers are designed to reestablish the emotional balance and they were developed between 1926 and 1938 by Edward Bach. This system is made up of thirty eight subtle formulas that are made with a flower and plant base designed to calm emotional situations such as fear, loneliness, despair, stress, depression and obsession that could end up causing physical sicknesses.

The benefits of Bach flowers come from their ability to alter the vibrating and biochemical energy of our cerebral neurotransmitters and thus bring us back to a state of balance. By harmonizing our emotionally negative states we recover our psychological health, which favors our body’s own capacity to cure itself. The effectiveness of this therapy is designed for prolonged use over time that should not be interrupted until the desired emotional balance is reached.

Enrique Sanz Bascuñana, maestro perfumista de nuestros perfumes, ha sido también el encargado de trabajar las flores de Bach seleccionadas cuidadosamente en cada uno de ellos. Ver más información >>


Crystal therapy is a treatment that applies the use of minerals for regulating the body and it has been used since ancient times in many far-off cultures. Currently, in the world of cosmetics, treatments with dust from gold, diamonds, pearls and other minerals are known as high quality products.

The majority of benefits from minerals come from the power of vibrating energy. The movement of the molecular structure of these crystals balances the energetic nuclei that are essential to the human body (chakras), and produce a feeling of well-being. The color frequency of minerals, or the cosmic color, also helps balance the electromagnetic field that surrounds us and makes up our bodies.

Gracias a nuestra experta colaboradora, Pepa Adell, que con su saber hacer ha diseñado sabiamente el elixir de cristales contenidos en estas fragancias. Ver más información >>


Inner PEACE, recommended for situations of stress, anxiousness, nervousness, and excess energy or distraction.

The Kunzite elixir contained in Inner PEACE transports us to a state of calmness and serenity. Kunzite, made from aluminum and lithium, balances our mental and emotional bodies. It boosts the development of intuition and perception that connect us with higher energies.

Inner PEACE is also made with the floral essence of the lotus flower. This elixir calms the spirit, relaxes you, encourages you to sleep and creates a link between the unconscious and conscious minds to build an understanding of our mission in this world. It does not interfere with your electromagnetic field when there are interruptions to your energy. It does this by balancing your body’s subtle levels and boosting a spiritual yearning.


Power of LOVE is perfect to keep you in a state of harmony where you feel connected with everything and your existence is embraced with plenitude and happiness.

The Eliat stone elixir contained in the Power of LOVE provides you with sensitive and strong energy that creates feelings of love by balancing your emotional system and boosting personal transformation with confidence in life. Made from a combination of turquoise, malachite and chrysocolla, this elixir benefits a strong spiritual energy based in the love that helps balance our mental state.

Power of LOVE also comes with the floral essence of rose in its composition. This flower, considered to have a higher consciousness, connects us to the universe of love and wisdom. It boosts the balanced growth of a love for life, an enjoyment for the things we do and gives us the experience of connecting deeply with the heart of the universe: Love.


JOY of living, recommended for times of apathy, a lack of enthusiasm or motivation, indifference of life’s stimulus, and a lack of energy or vitality

The golden elixir contained in the JOY of living fragrance propels your self-esteem, verbal expression and favors the balance of your etheric body by giving you energy, youth, warmth, life and happiness that won’t over stimulate you. It is also a powerful activator for the immune system by helping awaken your own healing energy.

JOY of living is also made with floral essences from gentian, sweet chestnut, wild rose, Star of Bethlehem and walnut. Gentian strengthens your self-confidence, perseverance and faith against obstacles. Sweet chestnut boosts a deep courage that comes from the knowledge of your fountain of internal spirituality. Wild rose helps transform the inside that connects a person with the joy of living. Star of Bethlehem gives you the strength to overcome the blows of life that could cause an emotional upset. Walnut is used to protect against general external influences and in particular with the effects of change