These fragrances are the magic of awakening a beauty with sense, useful, respectful, that takes care of us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. For the benefit of its properties, if desired, we suggest a simple but powerful application ritual in two steps:

(1) For a few seconds, feel the present and take your consciousness to the moment when you are perfuming yourself.

(2) With your eyes closed, visualize the state of change that you want to achieve connecting with your emotions.

Recommendations for a higher efficiency:

  • Choose a peaceful moment in your daily routine and a place, better if it is always the same.
  • Perfume directly on a chakra:
    • Inner PEACE (PAZ interior), crown chakra.
    • Power of LOVE (el poder del AMOR), heart chakra.
    • JOY of living (ALEGRÍA de vivir), solar plexus chakra.

We suggest to apply these fragrances, following that ritual, twice or three times a day.

Let the perfume to penetrate the areas your body that beat with life, like the wrists or collar bones and leaves you with exquisite properties provided by the minerals and the Bach flowers. With this ritual, the aromas and characteristics will transform the imprinting of your subtle bodies, your immune system and your intention and at the same time you will shine with the delicacy of a refined essence.