Power of LOVE is perfect to keep you in a state of harmony where you feel connected with everything and your existence is embraced with plenitude and happiness.

The Eilat stone -a combination of turquoise, malachite and chrysocolla- elixir,  contained in the Power of LOVE provides you with sensitive and strong energy that creates feelings of love by balancing your emotional system and boosting personal transformation with confidence in life.

Power of LOVE also comes with the floral essence of rose in its composition. This flower, considered to have a higher consciousness, connects us to the universe of love and wisdom. It boosts the balanced growth of a love for life, an enjoyment for the things we do and gives us the experience of connecting deeply with the heart of the universe: Love.


To make this perfume we have focused on the splendor of who you are. Being in touch with yourself and with others. The value of everything, everywhere. Harmony. A fragrance that proliferates a feeling for life. The fountain of your well-being.

A soft whirlwind of citrus top-notes that rest in a heart of peony, praline and apple essence. The magic of this perfume covers these deeper notes as they are washed with an exquisiteness of subtle touches of wood and the freshness of apple leave.