JOY of living, recommended for times of apathy, a lack of enthusiasm or motivation, indifference of life’s stimulus, and a lack of energy or vitality.

The golden elixir contained in the JOY of living fragrance propels your self-esteem, verbal expression and favors the balance of your body by giving you energy, youth, warmth and happiness.

JOY of living is also made with floral essences from gentian, sweet chestnut, wild rose, Star of Bethlehem and walnut. Gentian strengthens your self-confidence, perseverance and faith against obstacles. Sweet chestnut boosts a deep courage that comes from the knowledge of your fountain of internal spirituality. Wild rose helps transform the inside that connects a person with the joy of living. Star of Bethlehem gives you the strength to overcome the blows of life that could cause an emotional upset. Walnut is used to protect against general external influences and in particular with the effects of change.


This fragrance is inspired by the feelings of a sunny day, the rays of sunshine that caress your skin. The expansive strength that brings you to action. A date with your spirit. The infinite moment when an awakening is possible. Light and you.

With sparkling top-notes of hyacinth and green apple, the heart of this perfume opens with a fresh breath of jasmine, bamboo and white rose surrounding the base of cedar, musk and amber aromas.