Maria Martinez 2018-10-09T16:03:06+00:00

Have you ever thought of changing your life? After a decade of experience in multi-national marketing for cosmetics and fragrances in Barcelona, I decided to change direction and redesign myself, where I was going and what I really wanted to do. I started to do yoga and travel. One day, 10.000kms. away in a hindu town called LEH -where the name of these perfumes come from- in the Himalaya, a person who barely knew shared with me her desire to give up her currently career and become a perfumer… There are times in life when it is difficult to distinguish a coincidence from a sign…

“For me, LEH perfumes represent the realization of a new way of living, with more coherence, awareness and integrity, expressed through creativity, authenticity and the heart. “

As I am immensely grateful for everything I have experienced and learned in my previous professional career, I decided to make a jump forward in the world of fragrances by making use of them for beauty, of course, and for personal well-being and development. My intention was my work helped people to feel better, in balance. I now work with conscious and innovate high quality fragrances that mean more and give more thanks to the beneficial properties that the minerals and floral essences in their composition provide.