Inner PEACE, recommended for situations of stress, anxiousness, nervousness, and excess energy or distraction.

The Kunzite elixir contained in Inner PEACE transports us to a state of calmness and serenity. Kunzite, made from aluminum and lithium, balances our mental and emotional bodies. It boosts the development of intuition and perception that connect us with higher energies.

Inner PEACE is also made with the floral essence of the lotus flower. This elixir calms the spirit, relaxes you, encourages you to sleep and creates a link between the unconscious and conscious minds to build an understanding of our mission in this world.


The idea that underlines this fragrance is to discover your inner world. Space. Soothing. Close your eyes and breathe, feel your calm. The harmony in your center. Light and you. The here, the now, the aura of what is feminine and the certain breezes of what is essential.

Powerful top-notes of black currant and red currant, caressed by an exquisite body of freesia and rose. The deeper notes are clear and feminine with vanilla, patchouli, and wood essence that shape the fragrance with sweet chords. Inner PEACE is a touch of satisfaction that calms your spirit, a whisper of splendor to calm your interior.