LEH perfumes

Perfumes that truly know how to support your harmony and well-being.

LEH combines the beauty of the fragrances with the therapeutic benefits of mineral elixirs and Bach flowers.



The Kunzite elixir and lotus flower essence contained in this enveloping perfume provide you with the peace and tranquility that your body needs to recover its balance.

LEH Power of LOVE

Power of LOVE

The Eilat stone elixir and rose Bach flower contained in this loving perfume boosts your state of well-being and the serenity that you already have.

LEH JOY of living

JOY of living

The gold elixir and mixed Bach flowers contained in this refreshing body spray work to improve your well-being by providing you with joy and a desire to live.



Crystal therapy is a treatment that applies the use of minerals for regulating the body and it has been used since ancient times in many far-off cultures.


The natural balance of our physical, mental and emotional bodies is daily threatened by factors such as stress, our work, personal relationships, social situations, competitiveness, and over-exposure to noise and contamination.

Bach flowers

They were designed to reestablish the emotional balance and were developed by Edward Bach, English medical surgeon.


LEH updates perfumery by restoring that holy and deep sense which is in its essence.

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